1. General Terms and definitions BRIASTORM NETWORK CORPORATION:

 1.1 Participant BRIASTORM NETWORK CORPORATION, hereinafter referred BRIASTORM NETWORK CORPORATION can be any competent person who has attained 18 years of age, 
 a citizen of any country whose laws do not contradict the conditions of this agreement.
 1.2 Cash invested in BRIASTORM NETWORK CORPORATION must be legitimate and justified origin. 
 Investments may be their own, borrowed or attracted by third parties in order to profit from the network and completing the course.
 1.3 In case of need BRIASTORM NETWORK CORPORATION may require documents for verification of your identity and verify registration data. 
 This may be caused by the need to confirm you as the account holder and the personal account in our company.
 1.4 In accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the Customer provides funds investing via on-line service BRIASTORM NETWORK CORPORATION 
 for profit in the implementation of training activities.
 1.5 BRIASTORM NETWORK CORPORATION provides asset management functions users have to make a profit and preservation of the involved capital. 

 2. Agreement:

 2.1 The user may open several of accounts on the network.  The amount of deposits is determined by the terms of cooperation.
 2.2 Register your account automatically confirms and agrees to these terms and conditions of the Cooperation Agreement.
 2.3 The user has the right to close your account by contacting support, with all personal data will be deleted from the company's system.
 2.4 The network uses only cryptocurrency and PINs.
 2.5 Top up the system is only possible Bitcoin or any other popular cryptocurrency in a private office.
 2.6 In the absence of access to the site because of possible technical malfunctions hosting companies serving the company's website, 
 It does not affect the calculation of profits and implementation of applications for withdrawal user.
 2.7.  Disadvantages associated with the work used kriptovalyutnyh electronic payment systems: 
 lack of access, blocking, suspension of work and the other.  inconvenience, the user assumes the full extent 
 and is responsible for the choice of a kriptovalyutnoy payment system and possible problems in its work.

 3. The order of the network:

 3.1 BRIASTORM NETWORK CORPORATION is open from Monday to Friday.  Operation during the holidays is published on the website in advance. 
 At the weekend helpdesk days may exercise its functions only in part.
 3.2 Processing payments and incoming data is performed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays. 
 3.3 Processing fees for withdrawal of funds is carried out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 
 weekends and holidays from 10 minutes to 72 hours from the receipt of the application.
 3.4 Commission for withdrawal pays system.
 3.4 The minimum amount of the application for withdrawal of funds is 1 $. 

 4. Rules and Responsibilities:

 4.1 The User agrees:

 - Use the correct information when registering on the site.
 - Conform its operations, interaction with BRIASTORM NETWORK CORPORATION 
 the laws of the country under whose jurisdiction it falls.
 - Do not use unfair methods of advertising to promote their activities in order to obtain rewards.
 - Monitor transactions from your account.  If errors are found, inconsistencies, 
 suspicion of third-party intervention of third parties or the breaking-account immediately inform admistratsii.
 - In due time to fulfill their obligations under this Agreement during all his actions.


 - To carry out the payment of profits and remuneration to the User in accordance 
 with this Agreement and the terms of tariff plans operating in a network.
 - Provide the necessary assistance to the user prior to execution of this Agreement.
 - Provide technical and information support of the network.
 - Maintain confidentiality of the transaction between the Participant and BRIASTORM NETWORK CORPORATION
 - Ensure the safety and security of the funds transferred by the Participant.
 - Perform all payments, drawn up in accordance with the rules of this agreement.
 - Timely inform the user of all the circumstances, 
 which may interfere with the fulfillment of obligations under this Agreement.

 4.3 The User shall be entitled to:

 - To carry out work activities in conjunction with BRIASTORM NETWORK CORPORATION for profit.
 - Get the return on investment and a partnership remuneration in accordance with the conditions and rules of the system.
 - Receive the necessary technical support and information when working with the on-line service from the company professionals.
 - Seek to address those.  support in order to change the personal data, 
 if necessary, with appropriate documentary evidence.
 - Use advertising and information products to attract partners.
 - Carry out awareness and information activities among the partners and potential users, 
 without distorting the facts and the truth of the information about the network.

 5. The procedure for amendment and termination of the Agreement:

 5.1 This Agreement may be terminated by mutual agreement. 
 At the time of termination of this Agreement made by full mutual settlement obligations, 
 unless otherwise provided in this Agreement and applicable law.
 5.2 The terms of this Agreement may be amended at the request of the company or the shareholders of the company unilaterally. 
 Any changes and additions to replace or annul the previous conditions in force before the amendment in full or partial extent, 
 and can not contradict each other.
 5.3.  User accepts all the changes and additions to this Agreement, 
 after appropriate notice, if continues to use the network.

 6. Term of the Agreement:

 6.1 This Agreement shall enter into force from the date of account registration and activation of the User personal account on the site, 
 making them investment funds or receiving any payments to your account, or getting bonus money prizes for promotions.
 6.2 The term of this Agreement lasts until the fulfillment of all obligations between the Participant and BRIASTORM NETWORK CORPORATION, 
 or until the conclusion of its profitable assets from the network, followed by the closure of the User's account.

 7. Force Majeure:

 7.1 In case of force majeure (extraordinary and unavoidable) arising against the will and desires of the Parties, 
 which can not be foreseen or avoided, including announcements or actual war, civil unrest, epidemics, blockades, embargoes, 
 fires, earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters, as well as the publication of the state bodies.
 7.2 BRIASTORM NETWORK CORPORATION shall not be liable for any damage or loss of data, 
 as a consequence of force majeure circumstances, which are outside the company.

 8. Other conditions:

 8.1 The adoption of a Party to this Agreement is the activation of accounts of personal, cabinet BRIASTORM NETWORK CORPORATION
 8.2 You understand and agree with all the terms and provisions of this agreement-contract.